Friday, November 7, 2008

Something Must Be Done

We need to come together for a common cause; to weather the storm that Obama is going to unleash on us all in the very near future. We all know what's coming: higher taxes, higher inflation bringing higher prices for necessities, increased pressures and stress and almost assuredly new calls for 'reparations' for slavery. Nevermind the historical fact that white people were slaves longer and more pervasively than blacks (my Irish ancestors were slaves from Roman times all the way into the 1700s and the African slave trade lasted about 300 years, boo-hoo) and that even other blacks held slaves (check the record books, the very first slave holder in Virginia colony was a free black man). Of course history is often ignored or outright changed when it comes to inconvenient truths like those.

The Tax-and-Spend-O-crats have won and it won't take long for them to start taking advantage of the situation. Like when he was in the Senate and voted 96 times to raise taxes, Obama will seize upon the first chance he gets to tax us all into the ground to feed the gigantic Welfare machine he will expand on.

There has to be something that can be done. Some way to gum up the works. Of course time may just do that; once we all get laid off because our jobs are in Asia or South America and no longer have two dimes to rub together. Then they may bring back debtor's prison though.

Anyway you look at it, it is a monumental problem we have on our hands. It was bad under FDR, but it just keeps getting worse and we are close to rock bottom now. Something has to give and if it's us, we're all in for a very rough ride for the next 8 years. Time to tighten your belts and actually do something other than whine about how bad things are.

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Anonymous said...

Looks the the jUSA is going to get a dose of its own "South Africa" type medicine ! Niggers Reds and Red Jews in charge - it's not going to be pretty.