Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Tuesday

I don't know about you, but when I registered to vote, I was required to put an address down, because when you vote, you have to vote for everything on the ballot and they need an address to calculate the local elections you are supposed to vote for.

In Ohio, and likely in other places, the judges, black-robed tyrants who interpret laws in any way they wish to, ruled before the election that homeless people were allowed to register park benches as 'addresses' so they could vote in the election.

We are seeing part of the reason Obama stole this election. Many, many homeless people voted for him in this election. That's illegal, but it doesn't matter much to the courts or the government at large.

Something is certainly fishy in the state of Denmark. And Ohio, and Florida, and California, etc.

When are we finally going to stop taking it in the ass and DO something about all this garbage? Are we really so gay that we LIKE taking it in the ass and saying 'thank you, may I have another?' from our lords and masters?

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to wear pink frills and a tutu.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Something Must Be Done

We need to come together for a common cause; to weather the storm that Obama is going to unleash on us all in the very near future. We all know what's coming: higher taxes, higher inflation bringing higher prices for necessities, increased pressures and stress and almost assuredly new calls for 'reparations' for slavery. Nevermind the historical fact that white people were slaves longer and more pervasively than blacks (my Irish ancestors were slaves from Roman times all the way into the 1700s and the African slave trade lasted about 300 years, boo-hoo) and that even other blacks held slaves (check the record books, the very first slave holder in Virginia colony was a free black man). Of course history is often ignored or outright changed when it comes to inconvenient truths like those.

The Tax-and-Spend-O-crats have won and it won't take long for them to start taking advantage of the situation. Like when he was in the Senate and voted 96 times to raise taxes, Obama will seize upon the first chance he gets to tax us all into the ground to feed the gigantic Welfare machine he will expand on.

There has to be something that can be done. Some way to gum up the works. Of course time may just do that; once we all get laid off because our jobs are in Asia or South America and no longer have two dimes to rub together. Then they may bring back debtor's prison though.

Anyway you look at it, it is a monumental problem we have on our hands. It was bad under FDR, but it just keeps getting worse and we are close to rock bottom now. Something has to give and if it's us, we're all in for a very rough ride for the next 8 years. Time to tighten your belts and actually do something other than whine about how bad things are.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Here

Don't say we didn't warn you. The Obamanable Obama-nation is creeping up behind you this very second. Things are going to get a lot scarier once he gets sworn in.

I understand the Democrats are cleaning up in Congress as well. Get ready to start paying a lot more taxes, ladies and germs. The Congress that had a lower approval rating than President Bush is about to get more Democrats slithering around in it. That's just great. There goes the neighborhood.

Don't say we didn't warn you when you look at your paycheck and there's nothing left at all and you can't even buy food anymore.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Obamanable Obamanation is coming

Let's be perfectly honest here: Obama doesn't like us. He pretends with the best of them, and let's face it, nobody in Washington likes us very much, but Barak hates us with a passion that cannot be underestimated.

We live in a very important time right now. America teeters on the edge of insanity - for those of you who believe America isn't already insane - and in a few days, we will know just how deeply that sickness runs. Things are about to get really ugly, depending on what is done in the next few days.

Those of you who are just getting by, you're about to vote for someone who has promised to raise your taxes, not by his words, but through his voting record. Senator Obama, in a few short years in the Senate, has voted 96 times, that's 96 times to raise taxes. Now he says he'll play nice and not do that. The Hell he says.

If you can't afford your payments now and are going into debt over this terrible economy and taxes, get ready for more if you push that button for the Obamanable One.

Fine, don't believe me... now. Let's see if you're still singing his praises a year from now, the man who admitted on tv to being a Muslim in an interview with George Stephanopolis. He's lied about so many things, even his own faith, his birth certificate is a phony without the official seal of Hawaii, so he shouldn't even be eligible to run for President. And yet we're told how great he is, wow, such honesty in the press these days.

Give me a break.

Let the Obamanation begin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama, huh?

You know, the GOP couldn't have found a worse candidate in John McCain. It's almost like they want to lose this election. Imagine that.

Every story I see about McCain is negative where every story about 'That one' is positive. Yeah yeah, I know the Media is biased beyond measure, but even Bob Dole got some positive press on occasion in '96. Come on, if a guy who constantly refers to himself in the third person can get some good press, you know something's wrong with this McCain fellow.

And I still can't understand Obama's appeal. He doesn't say anything. He tells us we need 'change' and then when someone asks a pointed, important question he ignores them and talks about something else.

What is up with these guys? It seems so obvious to me that it's already decided who is to win. McCain is doing everything he can to lose the election. And he's doing a great job too. And he picked the best running mate, didn't he? The Media is tearing her apart for all her own criminal activities. Give me a break, all politicians are criminal, there's no difference; they all abuse their power.

The only answer is to forget about these pieces of filth... all of them, and start over with something better, something new. The Founding Fathers did it. People from all walks of life in all eras have done it, we can too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, I've been back in this country for 3 months after living abroad for over 3 1/2 years, and I have to say: Americans are the most wasteful people I've ever seen on the face of the planet.

The energy they waste is appalling. Americans are happy to waste gallons of gas going to a job they don't like in a town they despise for a boss they secretly want dead. They waste batteries like they're going out of style, just waste waste waste waste waste.

I never really understood it until I moved away from here and then living frugally for so long it was a stark contrast when I returned here. I was hoping to find a job close by so I could walk to work. Yeah, pull the other one. There are 3 places for employment within 12 miles of where I live. That ain't happening.

Even through this economic crisis people are still wasting so much money on energy it shocks me. The sad thing is, even though Americans in general have the attention spans of single-celled amoeba, they (we) can still learn to be fuel efficient. I was amazed at how easy it was to train myself out of necessity.

Times are coming soon that will make it necessary for the majority of Americans to do the same. I hope we as a people can come to terms with who exactly has made this happen - who has dumbed down our culture and taught us to be so wasteful and put them out of our misery.

But then, once that is done, I hope we can get to a place where we don't waste so damned much stuff.

Wishful thinking, I know, but times are going to get tougher once we get stuck with 'That one' in the White House.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Why is it, that each time election day comes a'callin' the weasels start talking to us. Not actually like human beings are supposed to speak to one another, but kind of like a parent speaks down to an infant. "Now now, mustn't try and put those grubby little fingers in the cookie jar - the goodies are for us adults, your betters."

It's kind of a Pavlovian experiment. Get the salivating masses to line up and push that button or pull that lever to keep the "elite" in power. The simple fact that people still do, and many are actually thrilled to do it is a sad state of affairs. In other countries they have to force people to comply, like Australia. It's actually a law that every citizen has to vote or they face severe penalties.

And Americans line up behind guys like Obama and McCain with smiles on their faces. I can hardly believe people are actually excited to be seen at these rallies. They willingly eat the crap these goons dish out and we see it stuck between their teeth when they smile. It's pretty nasty to be quite honest with you.

So, these old bastards parade themselves around basically saying, "Look what a wonderful world we've created for you, you should be happy to be voting for one of us. You should appreciate us more and want to eagerly do what we tell you."

Disapprovingly, they wag their fingers in our faces when we dissent and try to go to a third party, or form some kind of resistance to their disgusting perversions. They actually believe we should get down on bended knee and kiss their toes for allowing us to even have a choice between two of them. How wonderful and benevolent they are to deign us with such privileges!!! Let us throw rose petals at their feet as they dance around us!!

If Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were here today, they would be leading a new revolution.

Of course, according to our "masters" and "betters" in Hollyweird and D.C., they were just "dead white males" and don't matter a hill of beans.


We desperately need a new George Washington or Robert E. Lee, [insert historical hero here]. They need not apply, just show up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Get a Job

Here, in the land of my birth, I cannot find a job to literally save my life.

Wall Street and D.C. have done so much to squash the little guy that in a few months from now, if things continue as they are, I will be out on the street.

How can those jackasses sit up there on their hill and say they're doing something for the "common man" and then consistently stab us in the backs? I realize that's a stupid question. They will continue to do it for as long as they are allowed to get away with it.

The saddest thing of all is that it happens so gradually that we are picked off one by one while the rest cower in their boots, floating down de Nile (denial for those of you didn't get it) saying "It's just someone else - it'll never happen to me." And then when it happens to you, you look around and everyone turns away from you with sad looks in their eyes and you just know that what they really feel bad about is not your situation, but the fact that they know they are next and that everyone else will treat them with the same apathy that they are drowning you in.

It's sad, and it's pathetic, but it is the American way. Well, I'm next, who's in line after me? Could it be you? Look around and see if everyone is giving you the sad eye.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Short Observation

I've heard Obama's ideas on "reforming healthcare." It starts out saying both extremes are wrong. Both extremes are: government controlled healthcare and total privatization.

What does that sultan of savvy, that swami of swarthiness propose?

Keep the coverage you have: the company you work for continues doing what they're doing: you take on doctors (in court I presume) for bad service.

It's exactly what we have now. You'd think Obama's handlers would give him some better ideas. Instead they repackage what we already have and try to make it look like a revelation of new thought.

Obama is an idiot and he's facing a decrepit old codger in the pocket of big oil, among other places. Such choice we have.

Surprise, Surprise

Turns out that the printing up of over $700 billion isn't going to fix things. A shocker, I know.

The markets continue their volatility and downward spiral today.

Told ya so. Sorry, I'm rather petty when there's something I know better about, which admittedly is a lot of things.

Now they're saying the global crisis is growing and that everyone was expecting the U.S. bailout would fix things immediately. Isn't that the American way? Instant results required with no effort. Isn't that what got the markets into this mess in the first place?

Shocking. Not really.

German banks are now threatening to fail because of this crisis and governments all over Europe are scrambling to put a lid on the bleeding.

When banks lend to risky people, (people with bad credit, living in bad neighborhoods with crappy jobs, etc) they run the risk of bad debt. That has been the policy in the U.S. and other places in the world since the 1970s and now the check is coming due.

Why would anyone in their right minds lend into extreme risk? Either they've lost their minds, or they were forced to. All this Politically Correct garbage we've been drowning in is at the base of most of this bad debt that's been making the rounds for two decades now. As I pointed out earlier, the more bad debt sells, the worse it gets.

Let me try to explain this for those who are scoffing right now.

Say you owe $1 to Bob that you can't pay back. Bob sells your bad debt to John for $.75. You might think "well, now all I owe is $.75." Wrong. You now owe John that same $1, only now the cost of that debt has gone up to $1.75. So, you still can't pay back the debt, so John sells your debt to Frank for $.50. Now you owe Frank that $1, but it comes at a cost of $2.25.

Get it?

Now multiply those figures by tens of millions, to billions of dollars. That's the problem with selling bad debt; the debt doesn't go away, it just gets more costly and gets spread around. Bob and John both lost $.25 and you STILL owe $1. Everyone who buys and everyone who sells bad debt loses out.

When are we going to do something about these criminals in charge instead of simply talking about it?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


On that perennial American institution, The Simpsons, Reverend Lovejoy's wife, the ever gossipy and annoying Mrs. Lovejoy often asks us all "Won't someone please think of the children?!"

Those of you out there who have kids, can you really allow them to continue to grow up in a country where their futures are slowly (quickly nowadays) being bled away in some foreign desert, or stolen by illegals, or in extreme (and increasing in frequency) cases ended by those who suck our wallets and souls dry?

By definition, illegal aliens are breaking the law and yet the liberal, hippy dippy, so called (by themselves of course) "Greatest generation" constantly defend them and want to give them protections and benefits that we, (you know, the people who were born here) the people, don't have!

You know, it's these same jerks (the "greatest generation") who ignored us (Gen X'ers like myself) in our cribs, made us latchkey kids, dumped us in daycare because they couldn't be bothered and basically warped us into the narcissistic, apathetic dudes that we are today. Aren't they wonderful? Instead of tackling the problems that were just appearing in their times (though the root causes go back a century further) and just beginning to tear at the tender fabric of society, they wrote a check for the future, slapped it on our backs, sat down on their laurels and lounged on their yachts.

And now that that check is coming due, they sit back on their high horses and complain that it's all the "young" people's fault.

Now we're having children and doing the things that our parents did, because that is the example we've been given. Is anybody really surprised at the collapses in society, economics and family that are now so common today that they are considered "normal" while the things our great grandparents did are considered "out of date", you know, like staying together, doing your duty, being honest and trustworthy.

We all grew up on the great consumer plantation created by our parents and the older generation wonder why we're so apathetic and take everything for granted.

Knowing all this, knowing how society is turning into a cesspool of violence and sex by kids, against kids, are you really that cowardly that you can look into your children's eyes and send them off to a dangerous, possibly life threatening situation? Come on, the older generations did this to us, but it's time we showed them that things can change.

They think we're losers and idiots - I think we know what's going on a lot better than older folks think we do, we just need to find the courage to stand up and do something about it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It Comes...

All you out there reading this who think "the financial disaster will never effect me," and can hold your noses up high, think about this: ten years ago, (Hell, even five years ago) no one thought the good times would ever stop rolling for all of us. The housing market was going strong, the dollar was strong, gas wasn't cheap, but it wasn't what it is now, the credit crunch was a "myth" that extremists used to scare kids at night.

Now look at what's happened.

'Nuff said?


Now that we have our "brilliant" leaders to bailout the rich, we can expect much more turbulence in the future.

"Why did they do it?", you may ask. I'll tell you. To save their own asses from global retaliation.

Think about this: many foreign nations (China included) own a amount of American bad debt. They've been buying it up for at least fifteen years - slowly at first to be sure, to hide it from the American public, so that now a good portion of the world is propped up on bad American paper debt.

What's going to happen when they start demanding accountability?

Think about it, America.

The U.S. military forces are barely holding things together in two desert countries with sparse populations.

What happens if a whole slew of nations, from China to Venezuela to Russia (remember those guys?) to India and all parts in between decide they can run world affairs better than W. and his goons? The entire U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines put together won't be able to defend the country.

This measure is meant to appease Wall Street certainly, but it's also designed to keep the world off the government's back.

Nice, eh?

Think about it and the answer to these problems should become clear. The trouble is, no one will do a damned thing about it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yup, it's Official - We're Screwed

The financial bailout has been passed, ladies and gentlemen, let the printing (of new dollars) begin in earnest and let prices soar as a result.

Hey average American, is that $7-9 an hour you're getting such a good thing now? Oil prices are plummeting by the barrel, but have you seen a reduction at the pumps? Oh, maybe a few cents - or maybe you've actually seen an increase - but either way, high, inflated prices are here to stay. That's the point of inflation - to inflate prices and depress spending.

And then when it costs $10 for a gallon of milk and you can't afford it anymore, and the supermarkets and Walmart start reporting loses because spending is down (simply because you can't afford anything) then the market will get into a tizzy and the government will bail them out again with more money.

Isn't it great the way America gets together when there's a crisis to give the rich more money? Aren't we the greatest? Greatest chumps, that is.

Yes, we'll give anybody a free ride here in America. And we do too, you know. We'll stand there and hope somebody solves the problem as they steal the shirt off our backs, the food out of our mouths and murders our children. And we won't lift a finger to stop it.

So live it up, Wall street; next time you get yourselves into a pinch the American slobs will be there for you. Strap that bad debt onto our backs and we'll heft it away under the rug for you so the neighbors won't have to look at it and tell you that you're not in their social club anymore.

Our elderly eat dog food at the end of the month because they can't afford their prescriptions and decent food while they're giving it all away in the Third World so the companies can claim that they're 'responsible in the global community'. Our adults can't afford health insurance, (not to mention the kids) because billions bleed away in the desert sands half a world away and yet other countries kids get free computers and health care on our ticket. Our schools are crumbling because there's not enough money because the politicians use it to bribe other countries into liking us while borrowing more from other countries that already don't like us.

Guess what? Soon, we won't be able to eat, and it's all Wall Street and D.C.s fault. Will the world come to our aid? Nah; we already have kids starving, but they send the money abroad to feed some other kid whose government is a step above Stalin. And now they've quite possibly (not definitely, but possibly) brought on the beginning of the end.

Gotta love Amurrca... or not.

We labor, so that the world (including Wall Street and D.C. suits) can eat.

Frankly my dear... (Hollyweird)

Does anyone in the world think Frank TV is funny?

I see his ads on tv, and they're supposed to be funny... I guess. But I just sit there, plain faced while he cavorts around, trying (badly) to impersonate GW, Gore, Clinton, some stereo-type hispanic, etc. and there's nothing funny about it whatsoever. I don't even smirk at his ridiculousness.

What Politically Correct jackass allows him to be on the air? Is it simply because he has a spanish last name? Must be. So I guess I'm a 'horrible, evil racist' for pointing out that he's not even the slightest bit funny.

If he was a politician in real life, or a dramatic actor, then that would be fine, but he's billed as a comedian, so why isn't he funny?

They take things off the air when they don't live up to their hype and I've never even heard anyone hype this guy, so why is he still there, annoying us with his idiotic ads?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unbelievable (not really)

Now the House is set to vote on a revamped bill - one that gives even more money back to the wealthy Wall Street suits who will walk away from the meltdown of the US economy with a smile on their faces while we (the average, tax paying slobs) shoulder the ever increasing burden through higher inflation, fewer (and worse paid) jobs and far more instability in the markets when they realize that D.C. will give them handouts any time they ask. What a country!!

Apparently the $700 billion wasn't enough, now it's up to $805 billion. Some House reps claimed they voted against the bill the first time because average Americans were so vehemently against it. Pull the other one. How much do you want to bet that they were just holding out for more? We'll see what their real intentions are when they vote on the new, more expensive bill.

I'm not holding my breath that they'll do the right thing and vote it down again.

We could do so much better than these bunch of criminals.

One of the political ads in my area is about some guy named Tom Feeny or something. He's in the House and was voted one of the most corrupt House members 4 years in a row. What comes as a shock to me is the fact that anyone is even point that out. Seems like part and parcel for politicians to me.

I can't even get a job in this wonderful economy Congress and the Prez have made for us. I'm not about to shed one tear for the jackasses who started this financial crisis by loaning to people they knew damned well weren't going to pay back (or be able to pay back) what they borrowed and now they are blaming you and me over it all and acting so innocent and abused.

Well, it looks as though they will get what they want. Surprise surprise.

Get ready for $30 a gallon at the pumps; once those printing presses start rolling out the bailout cash, prices will start rising faster than before.

We've earned it, America, for being so lazy and petulent and always wanting someone else to fix things. You won't be able to run home to Mommy crying your little eyes out because guess what? Mommy's out on the street, her house has been foreclosed and Daddy's strung out on the bottle because he doesn't have the courage to do anything about the problem.

Welcome to America, land of the whiners.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Now I hear the government, our government, in it's infinite wisdom, wants to raise the maximum deposit insurance in banks from $100,000 to $250,000.

Does anyone else see the insanity in this? Currently the FDIC has - on paper, mind you, not in reality - $50 billion to insure about $1 TRILLION in deposits in our nation's banks.

Now they want us to swallow the idea of raising the insured amounts. Do you realize what that means? They want to ensure that the rich get as much back as possible. You know damned well that the customers with the most in a bank will get their money back first. The $600 I have isn't even on their radar.

Once again the little guys will be the ones that lose our shirts and the rich in their benevolence will be so understanding when we're in a soup line and they're partying on their yacht. Both candidates for the highest office in the land have pushed for this. Figures. They both have more money than they can hold in both hands, so what else should we expect? Do they really care about the depositer who has $1,000? When they raise the maximum insured and look us in the eye and say it's a good thing.

They only care about themselves and the rich and powerful who fund their campaigns. Wouldn't it be great if we could figure out some way to stop the rich and powerful from funding political campaigns because that way the candidates would have to rely on their own money or the contributions of us, the poor to middle class. Let them pander to us for a change instead of only listening to a single, certain class of people who we far outnumber.

This election should be about us taking things back into our own power, because we can do so much better without these money grubbing leeches, but unfortunately, it's the same old story - the candidates suck up to the rich, the rich give them money, the candidate gets elected and does whatever their paymasters tell them.

And I keep hearing "the lesser of two evils." Give me a break. So, you're telling me if you lived in the Soviet Union when Lenin died, you would have voted for Trotsky over Stalin because Trotsky would have been "the lesser of two evils"??? Really? That's just a cop out and deep down, you know it is and you know the real answer to the national screwing we call elections.

Instead, you'll go to the polls in November, bend over and allow Uncle Sam to ram it where the sun don't shine once more. Well go ahead and line up, sheep, and pull that lever or push that computer button or whatever they tell you. Remember to bring the Vaseline.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Is there really, truly anybody out there who think we're going to get a choice this November?

I've been watching these cinematic political ads recently, and both side say, "We'll bring in something different, the other guy will be more of the same."

Uh-huh. Since when do politicians tell the truth? The despicable media makes it out like we have a viable, two party system. The truth is quite different. Both these goons differ on a few ideas that the media amplify and focus on, when in reality they both stand for pretty much the same thing: 4 more years of the same. Same old suits in charge, same old rich and powerful getting their way over the rest of us. Same old foreign wars in support of the same foreign power.

Obama stands for higher taxes on the poor citizens and lower middle class, McCain stands for less taxes for big corporations. Different, right? Not at all. McCain says our troops should stay in Iraq for decades, Obama says we should focus on Afghanistan when a large portion of Americans are sick of our tax dollars vanishing into the desert sands of western Asia. Different? I don't think so.

Neither will take a stand against outsourcing; neither will crack down on China's unfair trade practices. Different? How so?

The media makes us blind to alternatives by portraying things as only between one side or the other. Demicans or Republicrats. Take your pick.

People talk about the 'lesser of two evils'. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for any kind of evil? Just goes to show how sick this society has become and how total the media has control of the average American's tiny, empty, short attention spanned minds.

Any third party at this point would be better than more of the same, and yet no one ever hears about them from the simpering, placating, pandering, controlling, devious media. The average American has most likely never even heard of the Libertarian Party, or the Green Party (not that I'd vote for Ralph Nader).

And how many people have ever even heard of the American Patriot Party or the America First Party?

I hear people talk about the 'disenfranchised' youth not voting. If the media would actually report the facts instead of the spin, and truly inform us about all our choices, maybe people might not feel so talked down to and make think they actually have a voice in these elections. Right now, only the fat cats, the rich, the powerful and all of Hollyweird has the voice, and that's the way they prefer it.

Look into your options, people, don't just vote for Obama or McCain because you think they're less evil than the other one.


First thing: I'm a generation X'er, so my sarcasm is legendary among people who know me - I more or less took over where Kurt Cobain (my idol) left off.

I am so thrilled that the $700 Billion bailout plan was rejected by Congress. (Not sarcasm, for a change). It was voted down for the wrong reasons (to keep the politcos slopping from the great trough like so many pigs) but at least it was done.

The government proposed to print up a new $700 billion dollars (million to those of you out of the US who grew up on the British number system) and set up a fund to buy back bad debt. The problem with buying bad debt is that it only gets worse the more it sells. It would have helped the rich and the companies that were responsible for creating these problems, but it would have made things worse for the average American (you and me).

You might not agree, but think about this: inflation has been rising since November 2007 or so when they printed up a paltry few billion, funneled it (laundered in normal terms) through JP Morgan Chase, and basically gave it, scot free, to Bear Sterns. Let me give you a very basic idea of how inflation really works.

We'll set aside the idea of usury - the charging of interest - for the moment and simply focus on inflation: Say you have 10 potatoes and 10 slips of paper. Each of those slips of paper can be said to equal 1 potato. Now print up 10 more slips of paper. Now it takes 2 slips to equal 1 potato. Now print up 80 more, now it takes 10 slips to equal 1 potato.

That's inflation.

Every new dollar they print up without taking back and destroying used, torn money, makes our money less valuable. Our currency has been falling in the world markets, essentials like food, shelter and prescription medication have been rising more rapidly since the end of '07 due to the Bear Sterns bailout. Now the government wants to print up far more cash to bail out the rich and they're trying to make the American people believe it's our fault that that needs to happen.

That doesn't wash with me.

They say the consequences of doing nothing may mean people can't get home loans or credit - big deal: it was too much credit (too much fantasy money on paper) that got us into this mess in the first place. If they ever do get their way, the cost of living will skyrocket for who? For us, the average American. If they print up another few hundred billion, I could see it costing $50 for a gallon of gas or milk in just a couple of years.

Which would you rather have? Not be able to get a new credit card or have to pay $30-50 for a gallon of gas? The bailout will hurt us, low to middle class the most and with no bailout, the rich and the politicians will be hurt the most. They are the ones responsible for this through their irresponsibility in investments.

Now the question becomes: who do we want to get hurt? We know who the politicians and rich would like to see hurt.