Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Now I hear the government, our government, in it's infinite wisdom, wants to raise the maximum deposit insurance in banks from $100,000 to $250,000.

Does anyone else see the insanity in this? Currently the FDIC has - on paper, mind you, not in reality - $50 billion to insure about $1 TRILLION in deposits in our nation's banks.

Now they want us to swallow the idea of raising the insured amounts. Do you realize what that means? They want to ensure that the rich get as much back as possible. You know damned well that the customers with the most in a bank will get their money back first. The $600 I have isn't even on their radar.

Once again the little guys will be the ones that lose our shirts and the rich in their benevolence will be so understanding when we're in a soup line and they're partying on their yacht. Both candidates for the highest office in the land have pushed for this. Figures. They both have more money than they can hold in both hands, so what else should we expect? Do they really care about the depositer who has $1,000? When they raise the maximum insured and look us in the eye and say it's a good thing.

They only care about themselves and the rich and powerful who fund their campaigns. Wouldn't it be great if we could figure out some way to stop the rich and powerful from funding political campaigns because that way the candidates would have to rely on their own money or the contributions of us, the poor to middle class. Let them pander to us for a change instead of only listening to a single, certain class of people who we far outnumber.

This election should be about us taking things back into our own power, because we can do so much better without these money grubbing leeches, but unfortunately, it's the same old story - the candidates suck up to the rich, the rich give them money, the candidate gets elected and does whatever their paymasters tell them.

And I keep hearing "the lesser of two evils." Give me a break. So, you're telling me if you lived in the Soviet Union when Lenin died, you would have voted for Trotsky over Stalin because Trotsky would have been "the lesser of two evils"??? Really? That's just a cop out and deep down, you know it is and you know the real answer to the national screwing we call elections.

Instead, you'll go to the polls in November, bend over and allow Uncle Sam to ram it where the sun don't shine once more. Well go ahead and line up, sheep, and pull that lever or push that computer button or whatever they tell you. Remember to bring the Vaseline.

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