Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama, huh?

You know, the GOP couldn't have found a worse candidate in John McCain. It's almost like they want to lose this election. Imagine that.

Every story I see about McCain is negative where every story about 'That one' is positive. Yeah yeah, I know the Media is biased beyond measure, but even Bob Dole got some positive press on occasion in '96. Come on, if a guy who constantly refers to himself in the third person can get some good press, you know something's wrong with this McCain fellow.

And I still can't understand Obama's appeal. He doesn't say anything. He tells us we need 'change' and then when someone asks a pointed, important question he ignores them and talks about something else.

What is up with these guys? It seems so obvious to me that it's already decided who is to win. McCain is doing everything he can to lose the election. And he's doing a great job too. And he picked the best running mate, didn't he? The Media is tearing her apart for all her own criminal activities. Give me a break, all politicians are criminal, there's no difference; they all abuse their power.

The only answer is to forget about these pieces of filth... all of them, and start over with something better, something new. The Founding Fathers did it. People from all walks of life in all eras have done it, we can too.

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