Sunday, October 5, 2008


On that perennial American institution, The Simpsons, Reverend Lovejoy's wife, the ever gossipy and annoying Mrs. Lovejoy often asks us all "Won't someone please think of the children?!"

Those of you out there who have kids, can you really allow them to continue to grow up in a country where their futures are slowly (quickly nowadays) being bled away in some foreign desert, or stolen by illegals, or in extreme (and increasing in frequency) cases ended by those who suck our wallets and souls dry?

By definition, illegal aliens are breaking the law and yet the liberal, hippy dippy, so called (by themselves of course) "Greatest generation" constantly defend them and want to give them protections and benefits that we, (you know, the people who were born here) the people, don't have!

You know, it's these same jerks (the "greatest generation") who ignored us (Gen X'ers like myself) in our cribs, made us latchkey kids, dumped us in daycare because they couldn't be bothered and basically warped us into the narcissistic, apathetic dudes that we are today. Aren't they wonderful? Instead of tackling the problems that were just appearing in their times (though the root causes go back a century further) and just beginning to tear at the tender fabric of society, they wrote a check for the future, slapped it on our backs, sat down on their laurels and lounged on their yachts.

And now that that check is coming due, they sit back on their high horses and complain that it's all the "young" people's fault.

Now we're having children and doing the things that our parents did, because that is the example we've been given. Is anybody really surprised at the collapses in society, economics and family that are now so common today that they are considered "normal" while the things our great grandparents did are considered "out of date", you know, like staying together, doing your duty, being honest and trustworthy.

We all grew up on the great consumer plantation created by our parents and the older generation wonder why we're so apathetic and take everything for granted.

Knowing all this, knowing how society is turning into a cesspool of violence and sex by kids, against kids, are you really that cowardly that you can look into your children's eyes and send them off to a dangerous, possibly life threatening situation? Come on, the older generations did this to us, but it's time we showed them that things can change.

They think we're losers and idiots - I think we know what's going on a lot better than older folks think we do, we just need to find the courage to stand up and do something about it.

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