Friday, October 3, 2008

Yup, it's Official - We're Screwed

The financial bailout has been passed, ladies and gentlemen, let the printing (of new dollars) begin in earnest and let prices soar as a result.

Hey average American, is that $7-9 an hour you're getting such a good thing now? Oil prices are plummeting by the barrel, but have you seen a reduction at the pumps? Oh, maybe a few cents - or maybe you've actually seen an increase - but either way, high, inflated prices are here to stay. That's the point of inflation - to inflate prices and depress spending.

And then when it costs $10 for a gallon of milk and you can't afford it anymore, and the supermarkets and Walmart start reporting loses because spending is down (simply because you can't afford anything) then the market will get into a tizzy and the government will bail them out again with more money.

Isn't it great the way America gets together when there's a crisis to give the rich more money? Aren't we the greatest? Greatest chumps, that is.

Yes, we'll give anybody a free ride here in America. And we do too, you know. We'll stand there and hope somebody solves the problem as they steal the shirt off our backs, the food out of our mouths and murders our children. And we won't lift a finger to stop it.

So live it up, Wall street; next time you get yourselves into a pinch the American slobs will be there for you. Strap that bad debt onto our backs and we'll heft it away under the rug for you so the neighbors won't have to look at it and tell you that you're not in their social club anymore.

Our elderly eat dog food at the end of the month because they can't afford their prescriptions and decent food while they're giving it all away in the Third World so the companies can claim that they're 'responsible in the global community'. Our adults can't afford health insurance, (not to mention the kids) because billions bleed away in the desert sands half a world away and yet other countries kids get free computers and health care on our ticket. Our schools are crumbling because there's not enough money because the politicians use it to bribe other countries into liking us while borrowing more from other countries that already don't like us.

Guess what? Soon, we won't be able to eat, and it's all Wall Street and D.C.s fault. Will the world come to our aid? Nah; we already have kids starving, but they send the money abroad to feed some other kid whose government is a step above Stalin. And now they've quite possibly (not definitely, but possibly) brought on the beginning of the end.

Gotta love Amurrca... or not.

We labor, so that the world (including Wall Street and D.C. suits) can eat.

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