Monday, October 13, 2008


Why is it, that each time election day comes a'callin' the weasels start talking to us. Not actually like human beings are supposed to speak to one another, but kind of like a parent speaks down to an infant. "Now now, mustn't try and put those grubby little fingers in the cookie jar - the goodies are for us adults, your betters."

It's kind of a Pavlovian experiment. Get the salivating masses to line up and push that button or pull that lever to keep the "elite" in power. The simple fact that people still do, and many are actually thrilled to do it is a sad state of affairs. In other countries they have to force people to comply, like Australia. It's actually a law that every citizen has to vote or they face severe penalties.

And Americans line up behind guys like Obama and McCain with smiles on their faces. I can hardly believe people are actually excited to be seen at these rallies. They willingly eat the crap these goons dish out and we see it stuck between their teeth when they smile. It's pretty nasty to be quite honest with you.

So, these old bastards parade themselves around basically saying, "Look what a wonderful world we've created for you, you should be happy to be voting for one of us. You should appreciate us more and want to eagerly do what we tell you."

Disapprovingly, they wag their fingers in our faces when we dissent and try to go to a third party, or form some kind of resistance to their disgusting perversions. They actually believe we should get down on bended knee and kiss their toes for allowing us to even have a choice between two of them. How wonderful and benevolent they are to deign us with such privileges!!! Let us throw rose petals at their feet as they dance around us!!

If Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were here today, they would be leading a new revolution.

Of course, according to our "masters" and "betters" in Hollyweird and D.C., they were just "dead white males" and don't matter a hill of beans.


We desperately need a new George Washington or Robert E. Lee, [insert historical hero here]. They need not apply, just show up.

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