Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unbelievable (not really)

Now the House is set to vote on a revamped bill - one that gives even more money back to the wealthy Wall Street suits who will walk away from the meltdown of the US economy with a smile on their faces while we (the average, tax paying slobs) shoulder the ever increasing burden through higher inflation, fewer (and worse paid) jobs and far more instability in the markets when they realize that D.C. will give them handouts any time they ask. What a country!!

Apparently the $700 billion wasn't enough, now it's up to $805 billion. Some House reps claimed they voted against the bill the first time because average Americans were so vehemently against it. Pull the other one. How much do you want to bet that they were just holding out for more? We'll see what their real intentions are when they vote on the new, more expensive bill.

I'm not holding my breath that they'll do the right thing and vote it down again.

We could do so much better than these bunch of criminals.

One of the political ads in my area is about some guy named Tom Feeny or something. He's in the House and was voted one of the most corrupt House members 4 years in a row. What comes as a shock to me is the fact that anyone is even point that out. Seems like part and parcel for politicians to me.

I can't even get a job in this wonderful economy Congress and the Prez have made for us. I'm not about to shed one tear for the jackasses who started this financial crisis by loaning to people they knew damned well weren't going to pay back (or be able to pay back) what they borrowed and now they are blaming you and me over it all and acting so innocent and abused.

Well, it looks as though they will get what they want. Surprise surprise.

Get ready for $30 a gallon at the pumps; once those printing presses start rolling out the bailout cash, prices will start rising faster than before.

We've earned it, America, for being so lazy and petulent and always wanting someone else to fix things. You won't be able to run home to Mommy crying your little eyes out because guess what? Mommy's out on the street, her house has been foreclosed and Daddy's strung out on the bottle because he doesn't have the courage to do anything about the problem.

Welcome to America, land of the whiners.


Red Moorehouse said...

The only solution is to carve out a homeland for Aryan people in the Northwest section of the American Empire. Read H.A. Covington's "The Brigade" as a blueprint.

Jamesdomus1861 said...

I agree totally Red. Anyone who hasn't read The Brigade needs to.

Our leaders have abandoned us to starve and die and be murdered one by one. If we are to survive, it will be as "one for all and all for one", not "every man for himself".

Anonymous said...

So let's get busy and do it.

Dave 10032008/1636